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I feel that the word “Enjoy!” should not be used as a command. If you can follow something with “or else!” it doesn’t come across as that friendly.

I’m still enjoying The Allusionist podcast about language, and had a great time a few weeks back at the stylish Parkway Theatre in Minneapolis to see No Title, the touring live show from host Helen “Sauceman” Zaltzman and her “doctor” husband. Earbuds make podcast hosts seem like they live inside my head, so there’s something strange and special about the energy in a room of people all publicly enjoying the same normally-private nerdy thing.

The Allusionist is a very accessible show, in that you don’t have to listen from the beginning to enjoy (I haven’t). But if you’re looking for a jumping off point, this recent episode on food is very relatable. I’ll never not notice a server (waitron?) saying “Enjoy!” again.

Brutalist Bookends


Catching up on the Road Work podcast. I like the ones where John talks about relationships. This segment starting at 46:44 resonated with me, for better or worse:

Other people are doing life, and the mailman comes at a certain time of day, and dinner is at dinner time. And I’m bouncing along, careening in like “Oh my God, is it dinner time? I’ll eat dinner! I’ll eat dinner with you guys. I happened to be here and it happened to be dinner time.”

And then off I go like a sidecar that’s just come unmoored from its motorcycle. And I’ve never met a person who had those same rhythms. And if I did find somebody who had those same rhythms I don’t know if that would work at all. I don’t think two people could be in this sidecar. If two people were off on their own motorcycle and we just clanged into each other at random intervals on a 30-hour cycle … maybe! Maybe that would work.

John Roderick on Road Work Ep. 136

Brutalist Bookends

Links of late | 2018-06-01

  • New version of Ulysses is out. Lucky 13. Nothing I’ll make immediate use of but I see the appeal of the colored keywords, especially for a larger project like a book.
  • A recent episode of 99% Invisible about Curb Cuts jumped right into their top ten for me. Design, usability, political activism, shitting on Jerry Lewis. All the good stuff. (Excellent article at that link, too, if you’re not much of a podcast listener.)
  • NE Minneapolis flags for sale. I didn’t buy one because I don’t know where I’d display it, but I did buy something related. More later.
  • I’ve been admiring Apple’s approach to editorial curation in the App Store for a while now, but I hadn’t fully noticed how much custom illustration work they’re using until I came across this article.
  • Walking or biking to wherever probably takes less time than you think. “About 90 percent of their estimates were too long by at least 10 minutes.”
  • Put some more diverse faces into your next set of wireframes or design personas.
Brutalist Bookends

Ecosystems and origins on The Content Strategy Podcast

The boss had me as a guest on her new podcast about content strategy, The Content Strategy Podcast (great name).

I can’t bear to listen to it but I hope you will. There’s a transcript, too.

Behind-the-scenes: I went home to record from my apartment so we wouldn’t have to mess with a multi-mic set-up or echo. We talked to each other on the Zencastr service which worked great as far as I could tell.