Links of late | March 13, 2019

Slide of illegal LEGO builds from an internal presentation.
Slide of illegal LEGO builds from an internal presentation.
  • Loved this take on why “be yourself” is terrible advice. One good reason: “a holistic self does not exist”. Yup.
  • It’s not in stock yet (or quickly went out of stock?) but I desperately want this rainbow guitar. I don’t need another guitar. I probably won’t even play out with it because it’s a heavy-ass Les Paul. Nevertheless, I can’t stop thinking about it. The cowards at Epiphone called the finish “prizm” (yes, with a Z) but Sweetwater bravely describes it as rainbow.
  • Boing Boing links to a fascinating PDF of a presentation on legal vs. illegal LEGO builds. A lot of the rules are about how much force would be required to separate elements in that scenario, and whether or not an imagined seven-year-old child would be strong enough to do so.
  • “The most underrated Tik Tok category is when couples who are divorcing or whatever make sentimental vids about it” – I don’t actually know what Tik Tok is and I don’t think I want to now, but I have laughed at this thread way too much.
  • My preorder came in for the new Coathangers album and I’ve been listening on repeat. F the NRA and Stasher are my favorites so far.

Office LEGO* decorations

In a move that, surprisingly, I had nothing to do with, some communal building blocks showed up at the office last month. They’re Brickyard brand, not official LEGO. The quality is decent, especially compared to Mega Bloks, the awful knock-offs of my youth. The corners and edges are sharper … I think these would be even deadlier to step on barefoot!

I’ve built a few holiday decorations with them, and find the restricted palette, so to speak, very refreshing. My personal LEGO collection has been built over almost 30 years, and builds sometimes get hung up when I try out every conceivable piece and configuration to accomplish a particular aim. There’s a lesson in here, to be sure.

Frankenstein was inspired by one I found on Pinterest – I added the Universal-studios-era neck bolts. I looked at a few dozen LEGO turkey designs online and didn’t really have the parts to do any of them, so these are mostly improvised.

I feel most hamstrung by the lack of 1x width plates — the smallest plate is 2×2. Gotta start scheming on Christmas already…