Brutalist Bookends

Bat Phone agreement

A request: if your app is in the “Productivity” category, do not send me bullshit.

For instance:

I like Dropbox. I like Trello. It’s great that they work together. I DO NOT WANT TO KNOW THAT NOW. I want a Bat Phone agreement with my apps: if the phone is ringing, the commissioner needs my help. You don’t call the Bat Phone to chat.

I turn off what I can but there are still some things a guy might reasonably want notifications from, you know? And that’s how they getcha. It feels like a mob threat. “Oh-ho! You’se wanna turn off notifications? From us? Big man. Be a real shame if something important didn’t get through. Real shame.”

Everybody wants to onboard me, engage me, educate me. I’m just trying to do some work here, buddy.

By Scott Kubie

Designer and digital strategist based in Minneapolis, MN.