Give me back my man

I’ve never really dug into the B-52s catalog, despite having done Love Shack at karaoke at least a dozen times now. I love how unapologetically weird they are. I’ve got Whammy! on vinyl, but this isn’t on it:

The songs where only Cindy sings don’t seem to get as much airtime, which is too bad because she is great and this song is great. I’ve been listening to a new cover of it on repeat, which is how I found it. The Apple Music algorithms correctly deduced that I would love this new Sleater-Kinney-esque cover of it by Ohmme:

Good shit right there. Ohmme has proved to be an enlightening musical rabbithole. Two-piece from Chicago that’s probably worked on something you’ve heard, even if, like me, you’d never heard of them.

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