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Pumpkin pie for one

I am reasonably certain I’ve never made a pie before. I knew I’d have a lot of time this weekend, and I freaking love pumpkin pie, so I made one. Used a store-bought gluten-free crust because I didn’t want to have two things to screw up. Got a two-pack of crusts for about $8 at Whole Foods.

I went with the straight-up classic back-of-the-can Libby’s recipe. It calls for ground cloves. A container of ground cloves at both stores near me was very costly, and the bulk buy section only had them unground. So now I own a stainless steel mortar and pestle.

Canned pumpkin, canned milk, all that good stuff.

Turned out pretty good. I should have blind-baked the crust about 10 minutes first, I think. I found competing opinions on this online, and the instructions on the crust package were somewhat ambiguous.

I was not prepared for how long it needed to cool so I didn’t cut my first piece until about 9pm last night. I also had really disturbing dreams. Related? Don’t know. Will repeat the experiment tonight, no doubt. So far it’s been breakfast and lunch today both, with some ham in between.

I spent Thanksgiving solo, which was fine. I am not immune to feeling lonesome but the holidays don’t do it to me in any particular way. Running or vending at Market Day for many Thanksgivings in a row meant that my only real Thanksgiving tradition was taping down electrical cords. I’ve been traveling a lot, and I have two more trips coming up in December, including to see my folks, and it’s been really nice to have nowhere to go for a few days. The apartment is very clean and I turned on my Nintendo Switch for the first time in about six months. (Splatoon 2, mostly.)

By Scott Kubie

Designer and digital strategist based in Minneapolis, MN.